Industry Contract Research

“Real-world problems are the lifeblood of engineering and meaningful science”

Profitability of Pump Storage in the Iberian Market — DNV-KEMA/ADIST-IST, 2012.

Characterization of the Iberian Electric System, Hydro System and Electricity Market; data mining for system modelling; preliminary simulations for day-ahead, intra-day and reserves markets; analysis of results.

Supporting Studies for the Expansion of the Transportation Network Subsystems of Soyo and Cambambe (Estudos de Apoio à Expansão dos Subsistemas de Transporte do Soyo e de Cambambe) — Cie3-IST/ISEL/EDP/MINEA, 2011.

Evaluation of network proposals having in mind the installation of new generation in Soyo and Cambambe (Angola); the studies involved static and dynamic analysis for different scenarios, and investigated additional proposals whenever they were justified; recommendations for the operation and expansion of the system were advanced.

Support of the Development of Protection Units for Transportation Networks (Apoio ao Desenvolvimento de Unidades de Protecção para Redes de Transporte) — Cie3–IST/Efacec, 2009-2010.

Specification of functions and parameters according to the IEC61850 protocol; study of the behavior of distance protections in the vicinity of wind parks; waveform reconstruction in saturated current transformers; compensation of transient effects in coupling capacitor voltage transformers.

Planning of the Interconnection Between the Southern and the Central Electric Systems of Angola (Interligação dos Sistemas Eléctricos Centro e Sul de Angola) — Cie3–IST/ENE, 2009.

Comprehensive study for the interconnection of the two isolated systems, including, static analysis, contingency analysis, fault analysis, dynamic analysis, and economic analysis.

Identification of the Best Practices for Preparing Investment Plans for Electric Transmission and Distribution Networks (Identificação das Melhores Práticas Internacionais para Preparação de Planos de Investimentos em Redes Eléctricas de Transporte e de Distribuição) — Cie3–IST/ERSE, 2008

Comprehensive study of the best practices for electric network planning in Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Norway, England and Wales, and PJM. Advice to the regulatory entity (ERSE) on transmission and distribution investment plans submitted by Portuguese transmission and distribution companies.

Determination of Renewables’ Interconnection Capacity in the Islands of Madeira and Porto Santo during 2006-2010 (Determinação da Capacidade de Integração de Energias Renováveis nas Ilhas da Madeira e do Porto Santo no período 2006-2010) — EEM/IST/REN, 2007

Unit commitment and economic dispatch of the island’s installed generation in conditions of high wind energy installed capacity; exhaustive static and dynamic computational analysis under normal and faulty conditions for several scenarios of production and consumption.

Crack Spread Options (Opções Sobre Margem de Refinação) — GALP/UCP/IST, 2006

Stochastic modeling of prices for crude and refined products; calculation of an Asian option on a basket through analytic approximation and through Monte Carlo methods.

Management Strategies for Generation Assets (Estratégias de Gestão de Activos de Produção) — EDP/IST/UCP/ISEL, 2005

Evaluation of a power plant investment project in a market context using Real Option analysis; modeling of operational options such as fuel switching and CO2 sequestration; development of a multistage investment procedure.

Wind Energy Generation Limit in the Portuguese Electric System from the Perspective of the National Transportation Grid Stability (Limites de Produção Eólica a Ligar às Redes do SEP sob o Ponto de Vista de Estabilidade da RNT) — REN/IST, 2004

Determination of the limit for wind energy production through exhaustive static and dynamic computational analysis of the Iberian electric system under normal and faulty conditions for several scenarios of production and consumption; detailed mathematical modeling of both conventional and renewable generation.

Modular, Digital Architecture for Power System Protective Relays — Efacec Sistemas de Electrónica, 1994-1997

Research & development of protective relays based on a multiprocessor architecture. Designed modules include C/Multitask operating system interface, message passing interface for microcontrollers, phasor estimation algorithms, high and low current protection (inverse, and constant time), calibrated measuring, oscillography, data-logger, SCADA protocol and communication, local user interface both with PC and  with in-built LCD/keyboard.